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Your Environment Matters

A note from Tara: I bought a house in July that needs a lot of work. A lot. While my incredible contractor got to work on a total kitchen overhaul, I started with the upstairs. The entire upstairs was painted the same color: beige. Every wall was beige. The trim...

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Using Failure as a Strategy

Are you a Wordle addict? Or know someone that is? This little word game has certainly taken hold. Not only have millions of us at least tried it out by now, many of us are also already hooked on some of it’s sister games. Personally, I like Quordle (why figure out...

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The Value of Reverse

In the summer of 1984 I got my first new car. Not just a new-to-me car – a real new car. I was pregnant with my second child, so (of course) this new car was a station wagon. It was wonderful. It had power windows, plenty of room and that amazing new car smell. It...

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Confessions of a Swifty Fan

Confession: I am a Swifty. That is, a Taylor Swift fan. You may have seen that Taylor was recently in Detroit for her current tour and ticket prices were up to $1,300 (per person!). My non-fan friends could not believe anyone would pay that much money to go to one...

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