Your Environment Matters

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A note from Tara:

I bought a house in July that needs a lot of work.

A lot.

While my incredible contractor got to work on a total kitchen overhaul, I started with the upstairs. The entire upstairs was painted the same color: beige. Every wall was beige. The trim was beige. The ceilings? Beige.

Despite the huge windows in each room (a major selling point of this house!), every room & environment looked drab and dark. I started by painting all the ceilings white. Just this one change made a huge difference, making all of the rooms look so much taller. I painted the walls a very light grey and finished them up with white trim. When it was all done, I sat back and admired my handiwork.

The upstairs looked bright, warm, and ready to be my new home! What a difference a few cans of paint make!

Our physical environment matters.

It can impact our mood, our behaviors, and the culture of a work environment. A bright room filled with colors improves our energy. A space filled with comfortable seating facilitates connection and conversation. Plants decrease feelings of anxiety. A regularly closed door communicates “do not disturb” to your colleagues or team. Personal photos and other items out on your desk invite personal conversations.

Your environment matters.

How might the physical space at work (or at home!) be getting in the way of the culture you are trying to create?

Just a little food for thought.