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You want a team firing on all cylinders, not just going through the motions. But no matter where you land on a scale from “trucking along” to toxic, something is off. And fixing it? Well, that can feel like putting a jigsaw puzzle together… blindfolded.

Not because you can’t name the problems; you can do that in your sleep: apathy, conflict, avoidance, turnover. If only solutions were just as obvious…

At Thought Design, we customize team & leadership development programs that pinpoint problems, obliterate barriers, and unearth next-level potential. Want to know our secret?

Everything hinges on psychological safety.

psy·cho·log·i·cal safe·ty (definition)

We get it; psychological safety is a term that can sound kind of woo-woo. Some call it “culture,” others call it “emotional connection.” What it boils down to, though, is a simple concept that packs a lot of punch: creating conditions where your team can do their best work.

Tara smiling at attendants at a Thought Design Leadership development training

Think about psychological safety like the weather—when the “weather” is off at work, it’s like riding a bike in a downpour or climbing a mountain in a mudslide. You can do it, but you’re not getting anywhere fast… and, let’s be honest, you’ll be grumpy when you get there. When conditions are gloomy, toxicity skyrockets, satisfaction plummets, and relationships, inside and outside the workplace, suffer. But…

When work conditions are optimized, the “clouds part,” and collaboration, ingenuity, and purpose light up the sky. Attitudes lift, behaviors change, and your team can finally bring their best without so much working against them.

You can control the weather at work —we exist to help.

We're honored to be trusted by incredible companies.

Our work covers three critical phases of transformation —your experience with us can start at any of these stages.


Check the radar.

Most leaders can talk anecdotally about the symptoms of a troubled culture, but few can measure it in a meaningful way. If you're not sure where to begin, we'll likely recommend the Fearless Organization Scan (FOS), an assessment that pinpoints problematic patterns in the workplace with unbelievable accuracy.


Shift the weather patterns.

Whether you have a clear understanding of where your issues lie or we discover them together, we'll overcome them with a resource or two from our expansive toolkit. These tools may include leadership courses & coaching, customizable workshops (in-person or virtual), and fun team outings.


Make way for rainbows.

Ok, that's cheesy... but really. When storm clouds transition to rays of sun, anything is possible. In this execution stage, we take strategic planning to the next level. Walk away with a plan in hand and, more importantly, confidence that every member of your team knows precisely how to bring it to life.

Find out where you stand.

Explore all our programs.

Some people come to us knowing exactly what they need (strategic planning, a team outing, or a workshop on this, that, or something else), but most need direction. Explore our programs below or click “Start the Conversation” for guidance.

Fearless Organization Scan (FOS)

Team-Building Culinary Experiences

Workshops by Topic for Teams

Empowered Leader Course

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Strategic Planning Sessions

Solutions for Educators

Not sure where to begin?


    It's not just what you learn that matters.

    Where you learn and how you apply what you learn are equally important to lasting transformation. So, we considered everything.

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    Teaching that expands the mind.

    Informed by neuroscience, our workshops, strategic planning sessions, and coaching programs don’t just fill up employee cups… they make cups larger, expanding capacity at all levels of the organization.

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    A space that softens borders.

    From the shape of the rooms to the nature that spills through its windows, our 4,000-square-foot learning center stimulates the brain, invites transparent conversations, and inspires transformative connection.

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    Application that makes learning stick.

    Research shows that when all our senses are engaged, we learn better. So for many clients, we incorporate culinary programs! (Cool, huh?) They’re a ridiculously fun way to rev up those senses and lock in learning.

    There are a few things we don't stand for, as well.

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    No magic pills.

    Psychological safety doesn’t happen overnight. It requires ongoing effort for lasting organizational change. So, you won’t find us pitching some one-and-done training that promises the moon and delivers a Moon Pie.

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    No pipe dreams.

    You know “fluffy talk” when you hear it, right? Big ideas that live in the clouds and get lost in translation on their way back down to earth. Our clients rave about just how practical and “sticky” our programs are.

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    No wallflowers.

    For our programs to make the most impact, everyone must be engaged. Suits, rookies, introverts, extroverts, visionaries, and doers… our space and our approach get all your people thinking, talking, and taking action.

    Deal? Great. Let's get to work!