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Rethinking how we learn.

Our approach is based on the five pillars of a healthy brain:


We infuse our expertise across these pillars to create experiences and opportunities that challenge you to rethink how you learn.

Our team building workshops are different than other team building activities because of how we integrate a culinary application to enhance the learning experience.

We spend most of our day thinking our way through life. What if we had tools to help us think better? Introducing Your Thinking Toolbox…

A workshop for education professionals that uses brain science to give teachers new tools and strategies to shift the classroom experience for students and themselves.

For small to mid-size groups, we are the ideal space to host your work meeting, family event or private party. While all of our spaces are designed for optimal learning experiences, they also serve as a perfect backdrop for your private event.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops


Lunch & Learn Workshop: Collaboration vs. Cooperation - How to identify the differences and inspire true team togetherness

12:00pm - 1:30pm

Within a team, it can be challenging to know when to use collaborative thinking vs. individual, coordinative, or cooperative thinking.   In fact, these are very different ways of thinking … Continued



Lunch & Learn Workshop: Your Brain on Stress and How to Get Back in Control

11:30am - 1:00pm

The way we think changes drastically when things go from good to stressful.   The presence of stress in our bodies and brains creates chemicals that lead to thinking patterns … Continued


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