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Thought Design offers innovative, brain science-centered learning opportunities to teams, groups and individuals looking for ways to grow and develop both professionally and personally, in a space that inspires learning, collaboration, and creativity.

Embracing Neuroscience

The brain is the most powerful muscle a human has, and the most critical to our daily function. Yet we sometimes don’t give it the workout it needs to continue growing. As adults, we need to continue conditioning our brains to improve and maintain performance as we grow older.

Enter neuroscience, or, brain science. In the past couple of decades, there has been a significant shift in our ability to research the brain, and scientists have just gotten started. We’ve learned more about the brain in the last few months, than in all the years prior to that, combined, and our rate of discovery continues to increase. At Thought Design, we apply the newest findings from modern brain research to our programs and products, to offer holistic brain performance enhancement, as well as specific skills and function focus, depending on what our clients are seeking. We also constantly develop and design new programs and workshops, to offer the latest knowledge to our customers.

Led by a Brain Science Leader


Veteran business coach and cognitive therapist, Denise VanEck has dedicated her career to helping individuals and some of the nation’s largest brands perform more efficiently and collaboratively. She created Thought Design in 2013 to allow her to create and curate the physical environment for her high performance thinking programs.

Meet Our Team

Under brain science expert Denise VanEck’s leadership and guidance, the Thought Design team delivers neuroscience learnings and techniques in a holistic, customized experience, captivating and stimulating all five senses across a variety of activities and programs.

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Space for Headspace

We’ve designed our beautiful, riverfront Cognitive Performance Center in Rockford, Michigan, to be a 5,000 square-foot indoor/outdoor campus with state-of-the-art amenities necessary to support growth, sensory stimulation, and peaceful reflection.

From the Culinary Studio to the Learning Lab and the Studio/Gym, each space was thoughtfully planned to enhance the objectives of our workshops and programs, as well as provide beautiful venues for private event rentals.

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