An assessment to measure psychological safety in your organization.

The Fearless Organization Scan.

As a leader, you say all the things you’re “supposed to,” like “speak up,” “there are no bad ideas,” and “ask for help when you need it.” So, why does your team still hold back? The truth is, you might have a storm flying under the radar.

Yes, we like to think about work conditions a little like the weather. You’ll get it because you’ve driven on a bad Michigan morning in the dark. Even if you’re the best driver in the world, the conditions are going to make driving harder. In the same way, your employees can’t perform at their peak until work conditions are clear or, in other words, until they feel secure enough to show up without reservation. At Thought Design, we exist to help you create optimal work conditions, but first, we need to know where we’re starting.

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Get an accurate benchmark.

The Fearless Organization Scan was created by Amy Edmondson, the leading researcher in this space, to measure organizations’ levels of psychological safety (a fancy term for “work conditions”). We love the tool because it’s:

  • Accurate
  • Inexpensive
  • Fast

Here's how the scan works.


Request an assessment.

To get started, click "Request Assessment" below. Then, submit the form and we'll reach out to start the conversation.


Survey your team.

Once you're ready to start, we'll schedule a planning session to address pre-survey goals, survey distribution, and post-survey debriefing. Then, we'll execute our plan.


Know where you stand.

Upon completion of the survey, you'll receive a detailed analysis of the results. We'll review them together in a workshop format with your team, ending with the creation of an action plan to address our findings.

Measure as often as you’d like to track improvement.


    Here's what you'll learn.

    The Fearless Organization Scan is widely regarded as the gold standard for measuring psychological safety.

    Upon completion, you will receive metrics on overall psychological safety in your organization, as well as specific feedback about each sub-dimension:

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    Willingness to help

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    Inclusion & diversity

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    Attitude towards risk & failure

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    Open conversation

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    Before you scan, you might be wondering...

    How much does it cost?

    The price of this service varies based on unique pre-planning needs, the number of surveys collected, and post-survey debriefing preferences. Once we learn more about your goals, we'll send a customized proposal for your consideration. There will be a base rate for the service + a per person rate for each person surveyed.

    How long will it take?

    Most participants complete the assessment in 3-4 minutes. Once the results are in, we typically recommend a 2-3 hour team debriefing session to explore the results and create strategic action plans.

    What will my employees think?

    As your partner, we'll help you prepare your employees for this experience in a live or recorded information session. We carefully consider all interactions so your team feels safe and confident to speak freely.

    Can I administer the scan myself?

    Yes! We offer a certification training process that allows you to administer, interpret and utilize the Fearless Organization Scan to identify levels of Psychological Safety in teams and organizations. Learn more about that here!

    What happens after the assessment?

    Once the results of the survey are in, we will create a report that is presented to the entire group in a workshop setting. During this debriefing session, we'll walk through the results so that everyone understands them. From there, we'll begin important conversations about how the team can address any issues that surfaced. In some cases, our services will continue after the debrief in the form of coaching leaders and supporting the team through skill-building workshops.

    What if we get bad news?

    You can't change what you can't see. In other words, no news is bad news! All news is information that will get you closer to your goals. Consider your final report a mirror of what's happening for your team and hold the results with empathy, compassion, and our favorite—curiosity.

    Do you have a resource that further explains psychological safety in the workplace?

    Yes! We're glad you asked. Please download a free guide we created with leaders like you in mind: Psychological Safety: The Real Employee Engagement Handbook

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