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In the universe, there are things that are known and things that are unknown. In between, there are doors. ~ William Blake We are getting to the part of the year where those of us who dared to make a plan for 2023 are starting to see those plans shift a little bit....

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Your Gratitude Rate

This cool little paddle lives in my Dad’s car. After getting some feedback from certain family members about his tendency to get aggravated by other drivers, he decided he was going to shift in the opposite direction and focus on what people do well when driving....

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The Gateway to Learning

One of the (many) post-it notes on the wall above my desk says “Curiosity = the prolonged holding of being wrong” Curiosity is, in my view, absolutely the most effective and important tool in our mental toolbox. It’s the gateway to learning. It drives innovation,...

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Looking Inward

Getting a tour of my house is like reading a short story. I have quotes, inspirational sayings, and mantras all over the place. But this painting is by far my favorite – a brilliant combination of artwork (by @tamaragarvey), inspiration, and a classic movie quote....

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