In the universe, there are things that are known and things that are unknown. In between, there are doors. ~ William Blake

We are getting to the part of the year where those of us who dared to make a plan for 2023 are starting to see those plans shift a little bit. When this (inevitably) happens, we have a choice to make.


Do I lean in harder to my plan? Do I react with surprise or irritation? Do I shift? Do I wonder?

What we do at these doorways depends a lot on a lot of things: how comfortable we are with the unknown, how our cultures welcome the unknown, how attached we’ve become to staying in the “land of the known”. You know what I mean – the places where we have certainty and predictability and control. There is certainly nothing wrong with the known. We humans do like familiarity. Things can certainly be more efficient and even more comfortable there.


And… the things behind those doors offer us a lot.

Walking through the doorways to the unknown with wonder and curiosity often leads to learning, discovery and transformation. Have you encountered one of these doorways this year? What do they look like for you? How many have you opened?

Tell us your stories – we can’t wait to hear them.