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Can you see the horizon?

Here we are again - creeping up to the edge of another year and transitioning to another. In so many ways, the transition is arbitrary. Will January 1 really be different than Dec 31 was? It’s just a day. In so many other ways - yes, it’s different. 2023 will be...

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Who is the next version of you?

Who is the next version of you? Each week we offer you a peek into some of the things we are filling our heads and hearts and ears with. This week we wanted to offer you a little inspiration. Meet Angela Alvarez. She is the winner of the Best New Artist award at...

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How do you hold the idea of learning?

We do a lot of thinking and talking about how to create cultures where it’s psychologically safe for people to learn. Even with our good intentions, it can be tough. There is always a lot of pressure to get things right. We don’t feel like we have enough time or...

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