Who is the next version of you?

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Who is the next version of you?

Each week we offer you a peek into some of the things we are filling our heads and hearts and ears with.

This week we wanted to offer you a little inspiration. Meet Angela Alvarez. She is the winner of the Best New Artist award at the Latin Grammys. She is 95.

We focus a lot in our workshops and coaching conversations on how to create cultures where it’s safe to grow, to evolve, to transform –

to become the next version of ourselves.

It’s harder than most of us think it is. There is so much pressure to stay the same, to keep doing what we’re doing, to stay in our lanes. The worst barriers are often the ones we create for ourselves – I’m too old, I’m not good at ___, I don’t have time… We are full of stories that are all (unconsciously) designed to keep us still. And yet… it turns out that we can actually be the Best New ____ at 95!

What might be next for you? What haven’t you tried yet? Who is the next version of you?

Oh, and want to enjoy Angela? You can hear her here