Can you see the horizon?

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Here we are again – creeping up to the edge of another year and transitioning to another.
In so many ways, the transition is arbitrary. Will January 1 really be different than Dec 31 was? It’s just a day. In so many other ways – yes, it’s different. 2023 will be it’s own chapter in our lives. The horizon line between years offers us possibility for growth and change and also invitation to continuity and connection.
I’ve always loved this time of year. Many years ago, I began investing in a full day at the end of the year to reflect, notice, and feel the year I’d just lived and then transition into setting a course into the emerging new one. For me, the process has become sacred. So much more than making plans and creating resolutions, every single time it has been a time of surprise. I’m always surprised by how much I’ve done, by how much gratitude emerges. Yes, it is also accompanied by a bit of regret or disappointment, but always so much appreciation for things that would have just disappeared from my memory’s treasure box if I hadn’t taken the time to store them properly. I’m also always surprised (sometimes stunned) by what shows up for me for the new year. It’s hard to describe how it happens, but it always does.
What is on the horizon for you?
What stays in 2022? What’s out there in 2023? Can you see the line?