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Do you ever feel like an impostor?


I might be in over my head.
If they only knew…
How is everyone else so much more at ease in their job than I am?
Recognize any of these thoughts? These are examples of tormenting little mindworms that are typical of what one might wrestle with when suffering from something that is often called “Impostor Syndrome”. In general terms, it describes the false belief that we are not as capable, smart, talented or qualified as others think we are.
Research consistently shows that over 70% of us have experienced this phenomenon at some point in our lives. It’s painful, often crippling and is an enormous waste. We all know that humility is a central characteristic of a great contributor, but this is not humility. It’s unnecessary suffering.

Don’t resonate with this? Someone (or everyone) you work with does. And they could use your help getting free of it.
So many of us these days are feeling like we are just on the edge of failing. As our world gets more complex, we need to experiment our way through new challenges and new ways to getting things done. Impostor feelings make that even harder to do than it should be.
What can you do about it? How can you help the people you are leading? (Or living with? Or parenting?)
Please consider joining us on February 23 from 8:30-10:30 am for a mind-changing workshop on this important topic. We will explore where it comes from, identify the ways it gets in the way of you getting what you really want, and of course – play with some tools that can shift your thinking and set you free.

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