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In modern organizations, the strength in which people work in teams has become paramount to group success. Yet companies lack options to invest in programs, trainings, and summits that seem worthwhile and show real results.

What people don’t realize is that learning how their own brain works first will help them understand others’ thinking and behaviors, and creates greater opportunities for team synergy, communication, collaboration, and empathy.

Thought Design’s Team and Leadership Development offerings aim to help organizations overcome obstacles and make strong groups perform even better. Starting with fundamentals of cognitive behaviors, we show groups traditional and innovative thinking and communication models, and create a completely customized experience where groups can apply new learnings to improve collaboration, better understand team dynamics, mitigate conflict, or overcome specific business obstacles.

Team Development Programs

We believe that a dedication to learning and growth is a critical piece of top performing teams. When you provide your employees with continuous opportunities to expand their mindsets, your team develops into a thriving organization, ready to take on the challenges of a complex world. We specialize in creating custom programs, tailored specifically to the goals you’re working to achieve.

Team Building Workshops

We provide learning opportunities to groups of all sizes and can customize the content to a variety of formats, whether it’s a full-day workshop, a short breakout session, or a one-hour lunch and learn.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Investing in your personal development as a leader is essential to growth. Through one-on-one coaching with one of our experts, we spend time unpacking your thinking patterns and behaviors and discuss specific ways to overcome the barriers you’re up against, develop new ways of thinking, and best prepare for what’s to come.

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