A note from Tara – 

Did you know that your skin renews itself every 28 days?

Every 28 days, the version of our skin that goes out into the world is brand new. It turns out that our bodies are constantly creating new skin cells beneath the surface and when those new cells are ready, they make their way up to the surface and the older skin cells flake off.
We are literally new versions of ourselves every 28 days. This connection made me wonder if we could figuratively be new versions of ourselves every 28 days too. That would mean we all have 12 opportunities each year to grow as a person – knowing this has inspired me to be more intentional with my personal development (maybe now you too!).
Each month, I started asking myself things like: Who do I want to become? How might my time and energy be best focused? 

What do I need to practice this month to become the next version of myself?

When I turned 40 a few years ago, I changed my “lose weight” goal to “be healthy.” It didn’t help much. But when I began applying this 28 days approach, I finally started moving the needle. “Be healthy” changed to “become someone who drinks more water,” “become someone who eats more fruits and veggies,” “become someone who takes a walk every day.” These statements felt much more manageable and practical. I could really make a plan that would help me become a slightly new version of myself by the end of the month. 

Of course, not every month is perfect, but I did just have a perfect blood pressure reading for the first time in 5 years! Progress.

Who do you want to become over the next 28 days? 

Just some food for thought.