“Just for Me” Moments

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“Just for Me” Moments Matter


A note from Tara Colvin –

Early mornings are my favorite part of the day.

I am usually up sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 AM.

People think I am crazy, but that first hour is truly my favorite time of the day.

It is quiet – so quiet. No emails or texts are pinging my phone. There are no other footsteps walking in the house. No dogs barking outside. It is still.

It is cozy – still dark outside with just my little lamp giving some ambient light. Some times of the year, the sun is just starting to come up.

And this is the time that I enjoy my first cup of tea for the day. Tea has always been comforting for me, reminding me of time I spent as a kid with my grandma and my great-aunt. That first sip of the day is just the most peaceful thing. It helps me take a deep breath, relax my shoulders, and truly just be in this one moment of time. I know the rest of the day will be moving a million miles a minute, filled with people and problem solving, background noise and distraction, shifting from meeting to meeting.

But this one moment each morning? It is just for me.

Sometimes on a really tough day, I get my tea kettle going again and make myself another cup. I step away from my computer and phone and recreate that “just for me” moment. It only takes a minute, but it does wonders for my mental health – almost like a mental reset for the rest of the day.

What is your “just for me” moment?

How might you build at least one of them into your routine each day?

Just some food for thought.