How to Become the Conductor of Your Life

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I can’t believe there are only 6 weeks left of this year.

It feels like time is moving so quickly! Have you accomplished all you set out to do in 2022?

Sometimes life can feel like you are at the whim of all of the things that come at you: taking care of the people in your life, projects your boss asks to you to take, kids sporting events filling your weekends, working into the evening trying to earn the promotion you want, and now the rush of activities that come along with the holiday season. The next thing you know, there are 6 weeks left in the year and you haven’t accomplished the big things you set out to do this year.

One mindset shift you can make to change this pattern is to picture yourself as the conductor of an orchestra.

An orchestra has many different players, each with their own different instruments and parts of music to play. And in the middle of that orchestra sits you as the conductor: the person whose job it is to make sure all of those people in all of those sections with all of those instruments work together to create a beautiful harmony. That conductor sits front and center, waving her conductor baton around. The conductor sets the tempo. The conductor lets each section know when it’s time to come in and time to fade out. When it’s time to crescendo or accelerate or slow it down. Can you see it?

Now, picture all the different parts of your life as the different sections, musicians, and instruments in an orchestra.

All together, they make the beautiful song that is your life. Your position at work, your relationships as a caregiver, sibling, partner, friend, child, your community, your hobbies and passions, your side hustle – each a section in the orchestra. And YOU are standing in the middle as the conductor. You are in charge. You set the tempo. You keep the rhythm of that song. You say when it is time to put your full attention into your work or quiet everything down to spend time by yourself reading. Or focus all of your energy on a friendship or a side hustle or a new hobby. You are in charge.

How might becoming the conductor of your own orchestra impact your life?

What choices might you make as the conductor for the remaining weeks of 2022?

How might you set yourself up for 2023 as the conduct of your life?