Want to keep your New Year’s resolution? Don’t go it alone.


We humans don’t like to be alone; at least, not for very long. We crowd around cities and big screens and tables. We form companies and families and teams.

Something in our DNA tells us that grouping together is our best chance at survival, happiness, and success. We rely on those around us, and they rely on us. As a part of a team, you accept responsibility for your actions and outcomes AND for the actions and outcomes of the group. It’s the bane and the beauty of accountability.

Sharing the responsibility for loss or glory is the magic that will drive your success in 2019.

Here are three vital requirements for accountability:

1. Be clear about the higher purpose behind your resolution.

A team of people who share your motivation and mission will make sticking to your resolution more enjoyable and successful. Communicate exactly what your goal is and why you’re pursuing it. Talk about it. Let it guide you. Understanding the bigger picture will keep everyone moving forward, even through the mundane tasks or unexpected challenges.

Practical tip: Write out your resolution every morning to stay focused. Better yet, make the first thing you do something that gets you closer to achieving your goal.

2. Be willing to change.

Sticking to your resolution may require more flexibility than rigidity. Chance are, it’s not going to go down the way you think it is. Be willing to accept feedback, assess progress and innovate to avoid getting stuck or accepting defeat.

Practical tip: With your end-goal resolution in mind, have regular brainstorming sessions in your accountability group. Allow for free thinking and “no wrong answers,” and see what new solutions arise.

3. Be honest.

When your accountability team asks you how you’re doing, don’t lie. Be honest about where you are and what’s not going well. They won’t be able to help you if they don’t know what you’re actually struggling with. By telling the truth, you’ll build trust, and you’ll no longer be alone in seeking solutions.

Remember, your accountability team is there to help you. Allow them to also speak truth to you from their perspective. This could save you countless dollars and mistakes.

Practical tip: If you’re addressing a real issue, it’s going to be painful. Take a deep breath and dive in anyway. You’re building trust in support system that’s going to take you all the way to 2020.

If you’re looking for a group of people to team up with for accountability in 2019, check out our upcoming workshop experience, 2019 By Design. This will be the most empowering eight hours of your year, we promise. Plus, we’ll have three additional half-day workshops throughout the year and 11 monthly inspirational and motivational email check-ins.

You don’t have to go after your 2019 resolution alone.