5 Signs Winter is Sinking its Teeth Into Your Team + 1 Surefire Way to Fight Back

Culinary Learning, Team Building

Answer these five questions to see if Winter is nipping at your team:

  1. Are mornings like the opening scene from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood with everyone swapping their boots for the “work” shoes they left under their desks? (Except no one’s singing.)
  2. Does coffee time mean a full-on break? (Email requires both hands to be free, not wrapped around a steamy mug.)
  3. When it comes to space heaters, is it every woman for herself?
  4. Are slouchy beanies are being worn in the office even on good hair days?
  5. Is the holiday party planning committee starting to panic about not having any great ideas? (If you don’t want to be their hero, don’t click this link.)

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, early winter is sinking its teeth into your team.

Fight it off and fire things up with an exclusive team building cooking challenge at Thought Design.

Put your chilly workspace behind you and turn up the heat in our culinary studio with real-life cooking show fervor. Pour oil in a sizzling in a skillet. Feel your cheeks get rosy with a peek inside the warm oven. Taste the zesty burn of spices on your tongue.

Forget about the gloomy grey skies while you squeeze tangy citrus, chop a rainbow of veggies, cream butter and sugar, and stir savory sauces. Share a laugh, good fun and a delicious meal with your colleagues.

A kitchen represents nourishment and warmth. It’s where we experience closeness and realness with the people we care about. It’s where we work with our hands and try new flavors. Around countertops and tables, we experience happiness and learn lessons that stick with us.

When you bring your team to our culinary studio, all the magic of the kitchen will stir their spirits and allow them to warm up, relax and engage a different level. You have the power to break up winter’s bite, peak everyone’s senses, nourish their minds and stimulate their appetite for success.

In the planning stages of your Thought Design event, we’ll work with you to choose and customize the right culinary challenge for your team.

Here are a few of our favorite cooking challenge ideas:

Teams are presented with quirky ingredients that they turn into delicious appetizers for their teammates. Work your way through 3 timed rounds to see who can turn out the best and most creative appetizers.

Iron Chef Challenge
A secret ingredient is revealed to get teams started, then it’s all about creativity. Work against the clock as you prepare a multi-course meal using anything and everything you can find in the kitchen. The team with the best meal at the end wins!

With a proven recipe for team growth and a splash of friendly competition, this is one culinary experience that’s sure to warm everyone up and take your team to the next level.

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