How to Have an Actually Fun Company Holiday Party

Culinary Learning, Team Building

Your “Company Holiday Party Idea” Google Search Stops Here.

We hear you’re on your company’s holiday party planning committee. Yay for you!

What’s that?

OH…you ARE the committee.

Well, even better!

That means you can make this delicious decision without debate and gift your team with the holiday event of their sugarplum dreams.

You have three factors to take into account:

  1. the venue
  2. the food
  3. and most importantly, the fun. Actual fun. (It’s possible for adults to have, we checked.)

When you consider that survey results reveal that one-third of employees are indifferent to office holiday parties and another third don’t like them at all, you are up against a real challenge. But now, you’ve discovered Thought Design.

When you book your holiday work event with us, you’ll score the perfect venue, a menu to make everyone jolly and a night of real fun. Your whole office will be wishing this magical party happened more than once a year.

Here’s why hosting your company holiday party at Thought Design will be the best idea you’ve had all year:

The Venue

We’re located just 15 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids and right in the heart of downtown Rockford. To add extra magic to our cozy place on the river, we’ll be decked out in holiday decor, providing the perfect backdrop for your event. And you can rent any combination or all three of our fully customizable spaces.

The Culinary Studio
If you’re looking for spacious casual elegance, our Culinary Studio provides large tabletops, a full-service professional-grade kitchen and a beautiful stonework patio to cool off your rosy cheeks.

  • 1,200 square feet of event space
  • Accommodates groups up to 60 people
  • Chef-grade kitchen equipment and appliances

The Learning Lab
This state-of-the-art space promotes connectivity and creativity.

  • 1,200 square feet of event space
  • Accommodates groups up to 70 people
  • Acoustically tuned (no mics necessary)
  • 14 modular tables and 42 chairs
  • 7 high-top tables and 28 stools
  • 60″ flat-screen TV

The Studio
This is our coziest space, with high ceilings, variable lighting, and a peaceful, art-gallery feel.

  • 500 square feet of usable space
  • Accommodates groups up to 20 people
  • Reconfigurable tables and chairs

The Food

Whether you are looking for a beautiful spread of hors d’oeuvres or a festive holiday meal, Thought Design will bring it to life. Chef Justin will make a delicious and nutritious meal from scratch in our Culinary Studio as your guests mingle inside and out of our beautiful riverfront space. We’ve got everything covered – the serving staff, the cleanup crew, and we can accommodate any allergy or dietary restriction.


Tell us all about your team’s unique culture and dynamic, and our experts will help you select an experience that’s anything but cookie-cutter. Using brain science and our team-engaging expertise, you’ll gift your crew the fun they deserve. Whatever level of participation or competition they’re up for, we have the perfect food-inspired and creative entertainment that will thaw even the most frigid Grinch on your team.

We look forward to celebrating the magic of the season with you and your company.

Planning a company holiday party can be intimidating, but we’re here to take away all of the stress. Let our experts ensure delightful fun for you, starting now — grab that holiday light-up pen and check this party off your list — and for your team, ‘til they grab their coats and swipe the last scrumptious holiday treat from our trays.

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