New Manager in Grand Rapids?

Culinary Learning, Team Building

Up the Delicious Factor of Your First Team Building Activity. Start Things Off With a Sizzle.

So, you’re a new manager. Congratulations! You have a unique team of adult humans waiting for you to make your first move.

As a team leader, your job is to figure out who your team members are, what their strengths and quirks are, how they communicate and how they work together. You need to earn their trust and learn how to empower them.

And let’s not forget — it would be nice if they actually like you.

How are you going to learn about their work styles and get to know them as people? How are you going to start a successful, collaborative momentum in one amazing stroke of genius?

You’re going to use the one thing that everyone loves: food. Oh, and a little brain science.

Experience Custom Culinary Team Building & Powerful Learning

At Thought Design, we work with your budget and the goals you want to accomplish with your new team, and we create a delicious, culinary team building experience tailored just for you. We blend intense team building activities with fun, creative learning implementation in the kitchen.

Our approach is centered on neuroscience, so we know a lot about how the brain works and how people work together.

As adults, we learn best when all five of our senses are engaged. And what better place to engage your senses than in the kitchen?

Sizzling oil. Bright vegetables. Tender meat. Pungent herbs. Lush wine.

Brain science + sensory engagement = magic in the Thought Design kitchen. Forget traditional icebreaker activities. Your team won’t soon forget this experience.

Here’s how to make this customized magic happen for your team:

  1. Let us know what you want to accomplish and what your budget is. We customize each learning experience to target what your team needs. Do you need to learn team strengths, navigate complexity, make your team a tribe, get clarity or navigate change? We’ve got you covered.
  2. Tell us how we can ensure everyone ends the experience fed and happy. Chef Justin will accommodate all dietary preferences and needs in our beautifully equipped kitchen.
  3. Bring your team and begin your experience in our state-of-the-art learning lab. This is where we give you the tools and strategies to learn how to think together. One of our experts will be there to incorporate brain science, social science and the latest research on performance and business development. In this space, your new team will connect, create and collaborate.
  4. Take it to our culinary studio. This is where the fun happens and the learning sticks, and you’ll experience our view of the gorgeous Rockford River. Remember the magic of your five senses? The strategies your team cultivated in the learning lab will be applied here. Plus, as a new team leader, you’ll get to see how everyone works together in a fun kitchen challenge. This is the ultimate space for getting to know your team members! There’s just something about a kitchen that warms people up and brings them together.
  5. At the end of your kitchen challenge, you’ll sit down with your team, enjoy a meal and talk about your experience. This is your chance to debrief and kick back together. By this point, you’ll have seen a more complete picture of who each team member is and what their strengths are. Apply the meaningful session material to a relevant and delicious scenario.

As a new team manager, you need to bond with your team and learn how to lead them well.

You need a team building activity that will be fun, insightful and effective. From the learning lab to the culinary studio, Thought Design will help you succeed. No matter what you hope to accomplish, what your budget is, or how diverse the dietary needs of your team are, we will create the perfect team experience for you.

So get started today by sharing your needs and ideas with us. Plan a delicious, impactful event. Your new team will thank you.