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Your dream team starts with your people, and what’s a better way to bring them together than with team building activities that inspire learning, collaboration and, of course, lots of fun!

Team building activities at Thought Design in Grand Rapids are different than other activities because of how we integrate a culinary exercise to enhance learning. This is more than just a cooking class. We infuse new ways of thinking into each individual as we engage all five senses in the kitchen. The result is a connected team that is prepared with the strategies and tools to step back into the workplace as better thinkers.

Team Learning Workshops with Culinary Enhancement

Part training session and part culinary exercise, these impactful workshops are designed to really challenge your team members to open their minds, try on different perspectives, and create mindset shifts that self-motivate them into becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

Corporate and Team Building Cooking Events

Looking for a fun, team building exercise that’s away from the office? Teams of all sizes can join together for a great time with great food in an inspirational environment, away from the everyday grind at work. These team building ideas are perfect for groups that want to celebrate reaching their goals, create better camaraderie, host an icebreaker party for new team members, bring together a group of virtual employees, and more.

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Check out what our clients are saying about us…

“We do some team building on site (at the office) but it doesn’t have the same impact as when we come here to Thought Design and can let our hair down. The benefit of coming here is it creates a safe haven so to speak where we can talk within our group candidly. We now have the physiological ability to make decisions and communicate better within our group.”

– Eddy H.

“When you bring your team to an offsite location it shows you really care and want to engage with them outside the work setting. We are so busy during the work day sometimes it’s hard to stop, relax and even just speak with a coworker. When I first walked into Thought Design I really enjoyed the whole setting. It’s very inviting, the atmosphere made me feel very relaxed. It’s a great establishment to bring people together and enjoy a team building or leadership experience away from the office in a perfect setting.

Our culinary experience was great. It allowed us to team up with people we wouldn’t normally team up with outside of work. It helped us to understand who they are and how to engage with them.”

– Melanie Y.

“I loved how the team at Thought Design really catered the entire event to our team. It felt perfect! Chef Justin was amazing! He made us feel so relaxed about cooking items we’ve never done before.”

– Satisfied Culinary Team Building Attendee

“Thought Design basically puts a mirror in front of you and makes you reflect on what you are doing. What can we as a team get better at, and when we find these things… how can we get them done? [During the culinary experience] our team made fantastic food, yet some of us had never cooked before. It was an interesting experience where we learned and perceived in a different way. I 100% recommend it.”

– Javier R.

“Thought Design is easy to get to, it has plenty of space, and it’s a really great out-of-the-box way to help strengthen your team. The kitchen space is nice and open and everything is provided for you. There is room to chop, prep and wash up, and all the stations were right there and readily available.”

– Robin H.

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