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Take your team to the next level.

Today’s world is complex. And it takes a different kind of leader to drive the innovation, collaboration, and teamwork required to thrive in this complexity.

Transform your thinking through this experiential, cohort-based course that combines live and virtual content delivery, self-directed reflection, practice, and small group project assignments and be fully equipped to: 

Set and inspire vision
Influence and develop others
Create alignment on your team
Drive innovation
Foster psychological safety


We don’t build these skills overnight!   It takes practice, awareness and time.

Over the course of four months, you will engage in 8 sessions with your cohort to learn, discover, and apply new strategies and thinking in real life. 

This course is for

  • Formal leaders who are ready to solidify their foundational management skills, rethink their role as a leader, bolster their confidence in handling difficult situations well, and empower their teams to work at the next level in this complex world.
  • Informal leaders who want the right mindset and foundational skills to increase their impact on the organization or are interested in formally managing people one day.

What You Get

You will participate in robust curriculum that provides experiential learning through lively group sessions, self-directed reflection, hands-on practice, and small group assignments, all designed to equip you with real-world leadership skills. Everything you learn can be immediately applied to impact both your professional and personal settings.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with from other people in your cohort to enhance your learning experience.

This content is delivered through eight 3-hour sessions over four months:

  1. Foundations: Vision and Values – Learn about the importance of creating an intentional culture and a shared vision for your team as well as the role you play in shaping it.
  2. Foundations: Strategy and Execution – Learn strategies to help you identify priorities and get more of the right things done individually and throughout the team, keeping the team’s culture, vision, and goals at the forefront of everyone’s mind
  3. Self + Other Awareness: DISC and 12 Driving Forces – Lead yourself with a greater awareness of your superpowers and values, areas where you run into conflict with others, and improve your ability to pick up on the behaviors and values of others. Learn how to adapt your style for improved communication, trust, and relationships.
  4. Decision Making and Problem Solving – Explore ways to solve complicated or complex problems, manage decision making power and communication and cultivate buy-in
  5. Managing and Leveraging Conflict – Learn how to minimize toxic, unproductive conflict, develop patterns of communicating with candor and support healthy “creative abrasion” that leads to innovation, creativity and trust
  6. Healthy and Effective Feedback – Discover ways to create a feedback-rich culture that enables real-time learning and deep connection
  7. Developing Others: Becoming a Multiplier, part one – Explore the difference between being a multiplier (bringing out the best behaviors and ideas in people) and a diminisher (shutting down intelligence, creativity and energy in people)
  8. Developing Others: Becoming a Multiplier, part two – Learn about the core habits and practices of multipliers, developing a personal development and action plan

To further your learning and application of these concepts based on your individual need, you can add one-on-one coaching to this course.  Using an approach grounded in neuroscience and adult development science, you will receive 6 one-hour coaching sessions throughout the four month course.


Ready to get started?

Select the date you want to start the course below to register.  When you register, you can also add 6 hours of one-on-one coaching for $1,950 total.

This course is delivered in-person at Thought Design. Have a conflict with one of the sessions?  No worries – we record each one so you can still access the content!

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