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Today’s world is complex. It takes a different kind of leader to drive the innovation, collaboration, and teamwork required to thrive in this complexity.

Today’s leader must be committed to
growth and learning – as a lifestyle.

The Empowered Leader course is one gigantic step on your way towards that commitment.  Empowered Leaders have the agility to meet today’s complex challenges with the thinking that they need. This learning experience is designed to tinker with your thinking – to help you change the way you see things and equip you with the tools you need to become a truly empowered (and empowering) leader.  It will equip you to think more powerfully about:

your role as a leader
your organization and team
How your work gets done



This course isn’t just about giving you tools and skills to better manage your team.  It is about changing how you think – seeing things differently – so you can lead your team to the results you and your organization ultimately want.


Growth like this isn’t a “once and done” event – it is a way of life. Each of the eight sessions in the Empowered Leader I and II courses are carefully designed to unfold and build, giving you opportunity to apply and practice your new ways of leading in your real life challenges.

This course is for

  • Experienced formal leaders who are ready to take their team to the next level!  This course will challenge you to rethink your role as a leader, allow you to lead with more agility and confidence, support you in changing the culture in your organization or team, help you think in more complex ways in today’s unpredictable world, and empower you to lead your team towards the results you want.
  • New formal leaders and informal leaders who want the right mindset, thinking, and self-awareness to increase your impact on the team or organization or are interested in formally managing people one day.

What You Get

You will participate in robust curriculum that provides experiential learning through lively group sessions, self-directed reflection, hands-on practice, and small group assignments, all designed to help you think differently about your role as leader and support you with strategies to change the behaviors you want to change. Each session will help you think and rethink with more clarity, agility, and purpose in both your professional and personal life.

This content is delivered through eight  (3-hour) sessions over four months:

Empowered Leader I

  1. Foundational Themes:  Learn about the non-negotiable, secret ingredients to high performance and healthy culture that every team must have to achieve their goals.
  2. Developing Others: Explore the difference between being a multiplier (bringing out the best behaviors and ideas in people) and a diminisher (shutting down intelligence, creativity and energy in people).
  3. Reduce the Drama: Learn about the predictable and addictive patterns of communicating and relating that we all fall into, usually without knowing that we’ve done it (again!). We will explore the mindsets and practices that stop unhelpful patterns in their tracks.
  4. Complexity: How do leaders navigate the flood of decisions to make and problems to solve in a world where it seems there are less clear and easy answers? Learn about leading in complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty.
  5. Curiosity & Empathy: Develop your leadership superpower: curiosity. Learn how to activate and use curiosity to foster learning, connection and innovation. We will explore the neuroscience of curiosity, listening to learn, and the art of juicy questions.
  6. Self + Other Awareness – DISC and 12 Driving Forces: Lead yourself with a greater awareness of your superpowers and values, areas where you run into conflict with others, and improve your ability to pick up on the behaviors and values of others. Learn how to adapt your style for improved communication, trust, and relationships.
  7. Productive Conflict: Shift the way you think to minimize toxic, unproductive conflict, develop patterns of communicating with candor and support healthy “creative abrasion” that leads to innovation, creativity and trust.
  8. Structures Thinking: Learn how to think about and implement structure thinking to help you identify priorities and get more of the right things done individually and throughout the team, keeping the team’s culture, vision, and goals at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Empowered Leader II

  1. Impostor Syndrome:  Millions of people worldwide worry they’re not as bright or capable as everyone thinks they are. These impostor-related feelings lead to unproductive behaviors like holding back, chronic procrastination, self-sabotage, and burnout. Understand how impostor syndrome is impacting you and others and learn practical, immediately usable tools to help yourself and/or those you manage, mentor, or parent to address impostor syndrome.
  2. Ownership: Explore the mindsets, practices and commitments needed to individually and collectively take responsibility for the beliefs and behaviors that get the work done well, on time, and without conflict or drama.
  3. Failure: There are few experiences we have as humans as misunderstood and avoided as failure. As a part of our everyday lives and work, the way leaders makes sense of failure determines how teams learn, innovate and collaborate. This session will help you to understand failure from a neurobiological perspective, and help you reduce the negative impacts of fear, lost learning and low ‘risk intelligence”.
  4. Culture of Feedback: Drawing upon recent research into organizational feedback practices, we will explore the ways that we mostly get it wrong. Rethink your beliefs and practices related to feedback and learn methods to create a feedback-rich culture that enables real-time learning, builds trust and creates deep connection with your team.
  5. Coaching and Developing Others: Become a “multiplier” leader who facilitates and supports the development of people very day. Discover how to listen deeply, probe for the issue under the issue, and ask great questions to unlock the potential of your team.
  6. Polarity Thinking: Concrete, black and white thinking can be very useful in a world that is mostly predictable and stable. In our increasingly ambiguous, uncertain and complex world, leaders must know how to span a range of thinking, including the holding and managing of polarities, which are lurking everywhere in our work. We will explore ways that leaders can identify polarities and lead people in leveraging them, breaking cycles of frustration, conflict and stagnation.
  7. Creating Powerful Change: Explore the mindsets, neuroscience, and triggers that get in the way of change as well as strategies for mindset transformation that will help you identify the roadblocks and saboteurs to the changes you most want and need, but haven’t succeeded in creating.
  8. Moving Forward: Invest in integration, application and articulation of the learning and transformation that has unfolded through the course, along with completion of a personal development and action plan.

Please note that Empowered Leader I is a prerequisite to this course.

To further increase your thinking agility and deepen application based on your individual need, you can add one-on-one coaching to both Empowered Leader I and II.  Using an approach grounded in neuroscience and adult development science, you will receive 6 one-hour coaching sessions throughout the four month course.

Sign up for Empowered Leader I with 6 hours of one-on-one coaching:

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This course is delivered in-person at Thought Design. Have a conflict with one of the sessions?  No worries – we record each one so you can still access the content!

Sign up for Empowered Leader II with 6 hours of one-on-one coaching:

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This course is delivered in-person at Thought Design. Have a conflict with one of the sessions?  No worries – we record each one so you can still access the content!

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