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Be an empowered principal.

As a school administrator, principal, or leader, you have a lot of lives in your care… students, parents, and staff. You were called to this job because of your purpose and passion to serve your community. And yet, most days, you feel all you do is put out fires rather than make progress. You are far from alone. Empowered Principal will help you assess your culture, grow your teachers, and take your leadership to new levels.

The Empowered Principal Program offers three 10-week online learning courses designed to be taken in any order or as a single course. Joining each course will give you an exciting chance to learn alongside like-minded leaders.

Your time commitment for each course consists of:

  • Six weeks of asynchronous content at 1 hour each – based on your schedule.
  • Two weeks of live virtual 90-minute workshops – scheduled.
  • Four one-hour personalized coaching sessions – based on your schedule.

Room full of people sitting around desks during a Thought Design Course

Psychological safety is the secret to our sauce.

The Empowered Principal Program is the only leadership training program designed specifically to equip school leaders with the skills they need to build empowered, psychologically safe teams and schools.

Great, but what is psychological safety? Simply put, it’s the culture leaders create that makes it easier for staff and students to try and fail, speak up with new ideas, ask for help, and try new things. In psychologically safe environments, barriers dissolve, learning is unleashed, and employee satisfaction skyrockets!

The Empowered Principalprogram is broken into three parts.

Self Awareness Course

Developing self-awareness is crucial in understanding how your behavior affects others.

Gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses, potential areas of conflict, practical approaches to coping with failure and Impostor Syndrome, and methods to improve your personal development.

People Development Course

Discover effective ways to nurture and develop your teachers, assistant principals, deans, and support staff, giving your school a solid finish to the year.

Learn how to identify multipliers who bring out the best in others and diminishers, create a psychologically safe environment that encourages everyone to share ideas, engage in difficult conversations, try new things, and feel connected as humans on a collective mission. Finally, master the coaching skills necessary to achieve real progress in developing your people.

Communication Course

Effective communication can be challenging, especially in the fast-paced environment of a school.

Unlock the secrets to clear communication for a successful school year including how to promote healthy “creative abrasion” within your school teams, address unhelpful communication patterns, develop habits that foster growth and empowerment, and create a feedback-rich culture that facilitates real learning.

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