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Empowered Leader

The Workplace Shouldn't Be the Hardest Thing About Work.

Imagine a workplace that creates the ideal conditions for people to do their very best work, to feel comfortable about sharing their own set of knowledge and perspective on things, and to grow and develop along the way.

This leadership course isn't just about giving you tools and skills to better manage your team. It is about changing how you think - seeing things differently - so that you can lead your team to the results you and your organization ultimately want!

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Knowing Thought Design is shaping and molding leaders gives me more hope than I can actually express. Thought Design is giving leaders tools to thrive and make a difference in the wilderness of today’s world at a time when many people can’t even see how the world and the challenges we face have shifted so dramatically. I have been through several leadership trainings in my career and was skeptical Empowered Leader would be much different, but I am so pleasantly surprised!

Nicki B. - Director - Corewell Health

The Empowered Leader Experience:

  • Connect
    Join an extraordinary community of visionary leaders united in their unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional spaces where individuals can truly thrive and unleash their full potential.

  • Learn
    Embark on a transformative journey where you'll dive deep into the most crucial concepts and practices that empower leaders to triumph over the ever-growing labyrinth of complex challenges. Immerse yourself in 48 hours of in-person class time, paving the way for unparalleled growth and mastery.

  • Transform
    Unleash your true potential as you embark on a dynamic voyage of personal transformation and exponential growth. Embrace the thrill of experimentation and directly apply your newfound knowledge to your work, forging an unbreakable bond between theory and practice. Watch in awe as you evolve and thrive, leaving an indelible mark on your journey of professional development.

It All Starts with Psychological Safety

The Empowered Leader course is the only leadership training program in West Michigan that is designed specifically to equip leaders with the skills they need to build empowered, psychologically safe teams and organizations.

Powering Possible.

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Empowered Leader I

  • Foundational Themes: Understand why psychological safety is the non-negotiable, core ingredient to high performance and healthy culture.
  • Developing Others: Explore the difference between being a multiplier (bringing out the best behaviors and ideas in people) and a diminisher (shutting down intelligence, creativity, and energy in people).
  • Reduce the Drama: Learn about the predictable and addictive patterns of communicating and relating that we all fall into, usually without knowing that we’ve done it. Explore the mindsets and practices that stop unhelpful patterns in their tracks and develop habits that lead to growth and empowerment.
  • Complexity: How do leaders navigate the flood of decision making & problem solving in a world where the answers are less clear and easy to identify? Learn about how to lead in a complex, ambiguous, and uncertain environment.
  • Curiosity & Empathy: Develop your leadership superpower: curiosity. Learn how to activate and use curiosity to foster learning, connection and innovation. We will explore the neuroscience of curiosity, listening to learn, and the art of juicy questions.
  • Self + Other Awareness – DISC and 12 Driving Forces: Lead with a greater awareness of your superpowers and values, areas where you run into conflict with others, and improve your ability to pick up on the behaviors and values of others. Learn how to adapt your style to create improved psychological safety.
  • Productive Conflict: Shift the way that you think about and minimize toxic and unproductive conflict. Develop effective patterns of communicating with candor and support healthy “creative abrasion” that leads to innovation, creativity and trust.
  • Structures Thinking: Implement structure thinking to help you identify priorities and get more of the right things done individually and throughout the team. Learn how to keep the team’s culture, vision, and goals at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Empowered Leader II

  • Impostor Syndrome:  Uncover the imposter feelings that lead to unproductive behaviors like holding back, procrastination, self-sabotage, and burnout in yourself and in the people you lead. 
  • Ownership: Explore the mindsets, practices and commitments needed to individually and collectively take responsibility for the beliefs and behaviors that get the work done well, on time, and without conflict or drama.
  • Failure: This session will help you make sense of failure from a neurobiological perspective, and help you understand how it impacts how a team learns, innovates, and collaborates. Reduce the negative impacts of fear, lost learning and low “risk intelligence”.
  • Culture of Feedback: Rethink your perspectives and approach related to feedback. Review methods on how to create a feedback-rich culture that enables real-time learning, builds trust and creates a deep a strong connection with your team.
  • Coaching and Developing Others: Become a “multiplier” leader who facilitates and supports the development of people every day. Discover how to listen deeply, probe for the issue under the issue, and ask great questions to unlock the potential of your employee or team.
  • Polarity Thinking: Leaders must know how to span a range of thinking, including the holding and managing of polarities, which are lurking everywhere in our work. Break the cycles of frustration, conflict, and stagnation by learning how to leverage the many polarities in our complex world. 
  • Creating Powerful Change: Transform yourself by identifying the roadblocks to the changes you most want and need, but haven’t succeeded in creating.
  • Moving Forward: Invest in integration, application and articulation of the learning and transformation that has unfolded through the Empowered Leader course, and complete a personal development and action plan for moving forward.
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