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Learning To See

You’ve seen this image before, right? Did you see the duck or the rabbit first? This image has been floating around for a long time – since 1892, in fact. It first popped up in a German humor magazine and has been used in countless ways since. Some people have used...

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Confession: I like to get things done. I grew up in the 60’s/70’s, raised by Early Boomer parents in the Midwest. I have a strong case of what my millennial kids call “the Boomer/Protestant work ethic”. Going “strong and long” is what I grew up thinking the goal...

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Bouncing Back

I bounce back with a little help from my friends. Last September, a category 4 hurricane blew through our town. It was catastrophic. Whole buildings were destroyed, boats sunk, roofs were gone and of course, trees were uprooted and knocked over everywhere. Over the...

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