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Mental Hygiene is a 60-day email course that provides tools and strategies to help you create a mindfulness practice while building mental resiliency. Emails are sent once per day for 60 consecutive days.

What You Get

60 short, easy-to-implement practices, delivered once each day via email. These practices will include things like…

  • Intention Setting Strategies

  • Visualization Exercises

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Emotional Awareness Practices

  • Lessons in Focus, Listening and Attention

  • Meditations

  • And more!

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Take care of your brain.

Now more than ever, we need to take care of our brains. During a crisis, we have an opportunity to check-in with ourselves and do a little bit of “mental inventory”. When we take some purposeful time to think about the way we’re thinking, we can hone in on our mental strengths and weaknesses, and build our resilience.

We don’t build our resilience overnight. It takes practice, awareness and time. And if there’s anything we have right now, it’s time to do this kind of work.

Over the next 60-days you’ll receive daily emails that will introduce you to practices that can help you to build mental muscles that will not only help you navigate today’s stressful challenges but the challenges of the future as well.

Making the decision to be more purposeful in your thoughts and thinking habits is the best kind of self-care you can do. You can think of these daily emails as a little cleaning crew coming into your brain and sweeping out the cobwebs of old thinking patterns, bad habits and negative self-talk.


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