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Every relationship is a collection of conversations.

Those conversations create and reveal the essence of a relationship–
emotional connections,
levels of trust and respect,
and attachment. 

Grounded in the best of today’s research and science, this course will give you the solid building blocks you need to communicate your way to the relationships you want…
one conversation at a time.

This course is for anyone interested in improving their relationship with others – couples, friends, colleagues.  Sign up as a couple or an individual!

What You Get

You will participate in this practical, robust course focused on skill-building delivered thru eight (90-minute) sessions. Each session will be interactive, experiential, and focused on building practical, actionable skills. Conversational assignments will be given for practice between sessions.

Meeting every other week, the course includes:

  1. Sense-making: How we listen and make sense of our worlds. Learn how each person constructs their experience of the world and translates it into unique and personal stories. Learn to listen differently and more powerfully.
  2. The Dance of Drama: Exploring the patterns of relating and reacting that everyone is hardwired to play out. Learn to recognize and interrupt your own unique way of participating in the patterns and how you unintentionally keep them going.
  3. The Dance of Empowerment: Exploring the patterns of relating and responding that end drama, solve problems, and deepen trust. Learn how to change your own mindset and response in ways that stop (or at least quiet) drama and recycling issues.
  4. The Four Horsemen, Part 1: Exploring the four patterns of communication that research shows almost always leads to the destruction of a relationship. Learn skills and strategies that will enable you to communicate clearly in tough conversations without criticism or contempt.
  5. The Four Horsemen, Part 2: Continuation of skill-building, focusing on communicating without defensiveness and stonewalling.
  6. Four Simple Rules: Learn how to follow the four very simple, but powerful rules of agreements that can dramatically reduce unnecessary conflict and drama.
  7. Crystal Clear: Learn to recognize the patterns of communication that create confusion, frustration, and hurt. Practice communicating in the “radical candor” zone to increase clarity and build trust.
  8. Curiosity – Your Conversational Superpower: Learn how to “activate” curiosity and to use it to improve your conversations, resolve differences more quickly and transform your conversations into powerful activators of your own growth and development.

Ready to get started?

The next course begins June 23rd and meets every other Wednesday for 8 sessions from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at Thought Design.

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