• Learning Lab

Space Matters. Where we learn plays a crucial role in what and how we learn. Because context is so important, we have designed a space that opens people up to learning while remaining vibrant and functional. With movable furniture, 30 feet of writeable walls, cutting-edge technology, and gorgeous views, our Learning Lab is the ideal space to develop your staff, conduct a workshop, or host a productive planning session. And, just outside the door is the riverwalk where you couldn’t ask for a better place to take a break.


  • 1200 square feet
  • 12 foldable tables and 42 chairs + additional seating with couches and high tops.
  • Ideal for small groups, medium sized groups, and seminar-style up to 75.

(Unusually Interesting) Classes

Classes get a bad rap.  Sure, we have all endured the “please get me out of there because this is going nowhere” class.  But learning and growing doesn’t have to be like that.  Classes that help us enrich and enliven the kinds of lives that we want to live should be engaging, transformative, and interesting.  Unusually interesting.  In addition to Thought Design staff, you will have the opportunity to participate in classes from experts that we are excited to have share from a wide variety of interests and topics.  Explore our upcoming classes here.


Incremental learning–that slow and steady approach to making strides–is one of the best ways to growth and change.  But sometimes what you need is a deeper dive or a laser focus.  Thought Design will regularly be offering half and full day workshops to help you create the space and opportunity for that Aha! moment and evoke that transformation you are after.  From writing workshops to creativity to mindfulness to yoga, we will be curating a diverse array of possibilities.