• Wellness

What if your employees weren’t simply punching the clock, getting the job done, and “meeting expectations”? Instead of merely surviving, what if they were thriving? What impact could thriving make on the bottom line, the organizational culture, and the lives they inhabit beyond their work?

The research is in, the articles posted and the books written. Happier and healthier employees are better at work, better at home, and better in the community. Investing in the wellness of your people builds value many times over the cost of the investment. Healthy employees are more productive, more creative, more intrinsically motivated, and have greater buy-in. Employees like this are, well, invaluable.

Thought Design partners with organizations to create strategies and design experiences to treat your most valuable resource even better. From half and whole day experiences in our studio to ongoing strategies for building awareness, developing tools, and coaching your team to show up and bring the best of themselves to work every day.