Working together in the kitchen is one of the most powerful, memory-creating experiences that a team can have.

We all know that food and drinks bring people together, but with a culinary team building experience, you can take it one step further. Watch the video below to discover more…

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Preparing a meal together in our kitchen is a fun, engaging way to practice all of the important things teams do together in the workplace: decision making, problem solving, collaborating, innovating, giving and receiving help from one another.

Benefits of a Culinary Team Building experience:

  • Inspires Creativity

    Watch your employees jump into creative mode and test their innovation skills.

  • Improves Communication

    When employees are encouraged to work together toward a common goal, they learn effective collaboration skills, time management, task delegation, resource planning, stress/conflict management skills and more.

  • Brings People Together

    When everyone is on the same level, the walls come down, stronger bonds are created and friendships are built. Team members learn new ways of interacting, which carries over into the workplace.

  • Fun!

    What could be better than working together to accomplish a task, and then getting to indulge in the results? Our clients have told us time and time again that the experience of cooking with their co-workers was not just a good time away from the office, but the most fun they’ve ever had together.

State-of-the-Art Culinary Studio

The action happens in our 1,200 square-foot culinary studio. With moveable tables, seating for up to 50 and beautiful views of the river, it’s the ideal spot for a spectacular team event.

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