• Mind Your Business


Small to Medium sized business have many of the same needs and challenges as their big-guy counterparts, but lack the same resources. People need to be trained and developed to their full potential, but smaller companies rarely have the internal resources to provide a full-scale learning and development strategy on their own.

Thought Design is passionate about learning and has designed a comprehensive set of classes and workshops to support the L & D needs of small to medium-sized business affordably and conveniently. No more waiting for an overpriced seminar company to come around with the learning your company needs now!

Mind Your Business offers ninety minute courses weekly in our Learning Lab. All Mind Your Business courses are designed and facilitated by experienced instructors and feature content most needed by today’s knowledge workers. Our course schedule will rotate through five core topics (People, Innovation, Emotional Intelligence, Execution and Communication) and can be taken in any sequence, allowing your company to manage your own training schedule.


Execution is about how things get done. Seth Godin famously said “The only purpose of starting is to finish, and while the projects we do are never really finished, they must ship.” Moving the ball down the field from idea to execution encompasses a lot of skills and habits. This series of classes includes topics ranging from strategy and planning to managing failure. Each class is designed using our brain-based approach to build the skills of execution at any staff level–bringing a bing bang for the buck for any organization.


There is a trusty old cliché that says the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting new results. Organizations today know that success depends on developing new ways of thinking, creating and solving problems. Innovation isn’t just being creative – and people that don’t usually think of themselves as creative can’t (and shouldn’t) “opt out”. Better thinking is important for everyone. From incorporating design thinking into your team or organization to facilitating brainstorming sessions that work, his series of classes will help you move beyond what’s expected and break new ground.


Research consistently shows that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a far more accurate predictor of a person’s success than cognitive intelligence (IQ). Beyond managing emotions, EQ includes an individual’s self-awareness, social skills, resilience and thinking habits. This series of classes includes topics such as decision making, stress management, habit change and mindset, all designed to create a positive change both personally and professionally.


In every role of every organization, people skills are essential. The classes in this series are designed to develop skill and awareness on the topics that matter every day – resulting in better conversations, increased accountability, healthy and effective feedback and a supportive, generative culture.


If there was one thing that has the potential to cripple any organization or business, it’s poor communication. Whether pitching an idea, delegating work, serving a customer or speaking in front of a crowd, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively really matters. This series of classes will give participants opportunity to improve both personal and professional communication skills in a safe, fun environment.