Denise VanEck

Denise VanEck


I’m Denise. I help people generate insight. The individuals and teams I work with are high potential people that are interested in doing what it takes to be the very best versions of themselves. They are ready to think deeply, act courageously and take some risks in figuring things out.

Probably the first thing that you should know about me is that I’m a bit of a junkie. I can’t get enough of a few things: learning, what makes people who they are and what they do, leadership development, and … did I say learning? My latest obsession: brain science. A few years ago, I attended a session on neuroscience and learning. It just blew my mind. Since then, I’ve cultivated expertise in that area and have integrated my understanding of brain science into the tools and processes that I’ve used over the last twenty years.

I believe that people are the foremost experts on themselves. Every person has the potential to solve their own dilemmas, create a roadmap for their own lives and make a unique contribution to the world in some amazing way. Whether it’s in a coaching session or a workshop, I love helping facilitate people toward that magical ah-ha! moment of insight. It’s what I’m best at, and what I will be doing for the rest of my life.

Julie Otte

Julie Otte


Hi. I’m Julie. A mom, wife, connector and thinker.

I believe in healing, wellness and transformation.

My goals are to help you connect better to yourself, family and community.
Life comes at us so quickly, and its easy to get lost in the shuffle. But with some guidance, help and encouragement, we can get you back in the game.

I love everything about wellness. I love the dimensions, the sweat, the work, the results and the wholeness.

Here is what I see happen all the time regarding wellness. When I am not well, my perspective is skewed. I feel like garbage, I look tired and I am not happy in my own skin. But, when I am well, which looks like eating well, exercise, self care and strong connections to my family and friends, I am happier, healthier and able to give to this planet what it needs: me at my best.

The services that I offer help you get there - to that space you can be your best. Your best self. I’d love to help you on your journey to wholeness, restoration and health.